My Secret Garden

​Gardener's love to talk about gardening... How can I help you?


Custom Seasonal Container Design and staging for parties or weddings:

Seasonal Containers are an enhancement to your home or business. They offer height, girth, texture that a bed garden cannot offer.

  • Custom Designs for your container begins by determining where your need for a punch of color, height or other intrinsic value to the landscape, front porch or garden gate is needed.
  • We can utilize your current urns, window boxes, hanging baskets or if necessary personal shopping to purchase new planters that will be accomplished with ease.
  • Plants are distinctively selected to highlight your home or office, the container to be employed and cultural needs of the planting area. Generally speaking all planters will contain a mix of annuals, perennials and vines.
  • The plants, soil, accessories will be provided, plant material set, watered and fed on the day of delivery.  Instructions on care will be discussed.

Fees for custom seasonal designs are created for personal needs and tastes.  Fees will be discussed and decided upon our first meeting.



I want it said of me by those who knew me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.

By: Abraham Lincoln


Garden Coaching or Consultation:  'I am an old man yet a young gardener.' by Thomas Jefferson

Gardening is an on going adventure and learning process.  Garden Coaching is a very effective teaching tool because it targets your challenges right in your own garden space.  The most unique advantage is that you have an experienced gardener helping your solve problems specific to your yard.  You have my undivided attention and the benefit of my many years of practice.

  • My 1st goal is to help and advise you in solving whatever issues you are up against.

  • Whether simple or complex I will try answer your questions.  I will attempt to give you solutions in easy to understand and relaxed conversation. You are encouraged to take notes or to record our conversation. 
  • Garden coaching is for novice as well as more experienced gardeners.  Sometimes I look at something in my garden for a long time wondering what should I do, and another gardener walks in and says instantly 'Why didn't you do this or that?' We all need new insight now and again.
  • When our visit is complete I hope that you are confident about how to remedy your concerns.  Knowledge is power and power builds confidence. Confidence gives you the courage to try new things.
  • Garden Coaching is $100 for the 1st hour, with a one hour minimum; $75.00 per any portion of an hour after the initial. In addition, travel time is charged at $35.00 for any portion of an hour. Payment is expect upon completion of our session.
  • Instructional shopping on how to select healthy nursery stock for your environment is a very important aspect of garden coaching. 

The landscape or garden design begins with your dreams, ideas, uses, and vision... 

Closely working with clients, asking questions, probing into necessities for land usage, such as play areas, patios, etc. gives me the overall idea of what you are looking to achieve in your outdoor living areas.

​Attentive service and consultation will ensure a garden space that will be beautiful, functional as well as tailor made for your families needs and desires. It is my specialty.

My Secret Garden custom designs each and every garden. We cater to those with discriminating tastes and want and appreciate the personal attention to detail and boutique service.  An exclusive garden coaching lesson is provided upon completion of your garden.
Fees for custom designs vary.  

The fees depend upon the complexity and size of the drawings. Design fees generally run approximately $100.00 per hour. A design fee will be discussed and decided at our first meeting.  Personal shopping, supervision of construction, plant sourcing and other services you may require are $75.00 per hour. 
Travel is $35.00 per hour.